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PPCUG Next Meeting
June 28, 2016

7:00 PM

Mercer County Library, Lawrenceville NJ

Home Automation


   Pat Palmer

In recent years, I upgraded my household with a wireless "programmable" thermostat, programmable "smart" timers (for the birdcage and plants), dimmable smart LED light bulbs (so humans could be ready for sleep at the appropriate time), an Amazon Echo device (replacing the stereo system and many music CD's, and provides voice recognition for controlling various of the other smart items), and a robotic vacuum cleaner. Some, but not all, are controllable via smartphone or tablet apps; all are intended to include at least partial smarts or automation. These gadgets have perplexed and puzzled visitors to the home who have not yet encountered such automation. I will describe the devices, the problems they solved, their costs, any installation hassles, and new issues created because of them (plus workarounds).

Pat Palmer has worked in software for decades, with periods spent at Bell Laboratories as a member of technical staff, others years as an independent consultant in industry, several years in college teaching of computer science, and currently is a programmer and system administrator for a group of algae scientists at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

There are a group of club members who regularly attend PPCUG meetings. However, Club Leadership including those who have been arranging meetings would appreciate your assistance. We are looking for volunteers to step up and take a leadership role. Any role that you take will look good on your LinkedIn profile!

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